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Shana: Shana / Red

luinthoron in shana_icontest

Week 061: Free-For-All II

Week 061: Free-For-All II

Startuing the new year with the same theme I used a year ago as well. Hopefully complete freedom in what you can do for this week will bring us more icons once again!

* Submit your icon(s) by replying to this post.
* You may submit up to two icons.
* Entries are due on Friday, 08th January 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern European Time (UTC+2).
* Please submit your entries in the following format:


For example:
<img src="ImageURL">
<a href="ImageURL">ImageURL</a>

Replace ImageURL with the URL for your image. Since LiveJournal can automatically convert URLs to links, you can also just use the URL itself as the second line, without the rest of the code.
* Please also keep in mind the rules.