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altairi in shana_icontest

Week 062: Tie-breaker

Seems like we won't get more votes for the voting post, so the tie needs to be broken this way again. So please vote for one of the following icons - unless you're the author.

1. 2.


What happened to this community? :(
A bit of a hiatus, I guess, since there has been a serious lack of entries and votes. I'll try to start things up again when the third season airs, hopefully more people will participate then.

Sadly, my co-mod has managed to run this voting into a tie again so still no results, though... :(
As much as I'd love to accept your vote and and close this tie-breaker, I am tied to the rules of this community and they say, I am only allowed to count the votes of registered members of this icontest community. :(