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altairi in shana_icontest

Week 002: Results

Week 002: Results

* First Place

by kyoy

* Second Place

by luinthoron

* Third Place

by luinthoron

The submission and voting posts are now unscreened.
Banner maker for this week will be me.


Thanks! :)

And I swear I will never understand how that icon could get the second place...

Congratulations to kyoy as well!
Wai, thank you! ♥

Congrats, luinthoron! I voted for your icon, tis teh pretty~
Win the next theme, too and you manage to make it to the first Hall of Fame member in only the first three weeks of this icontest. Are you up to the challenge? :D
I'll try but I don't know if I'll get inspired enough. XD *almost didn't submit for week 2 because of lack of inspiration*

I really hope we get more members so we get more active, I love Shakugan no Shana. <3
You seem to be way above us at the moment, so a bit of competition would be nice, yes. :P Interestingly, it seems that the bigger icontests don't get any more icons than we do, though. Nor do they get more votes.